Get the help you need for you and your teen

Raising teenagers can be the most remarkable experience of your life while at the same time be the biggest challenge of your life.  Sometimes it can feel like your sweet child has turned in to some teenage stranger living in your home and what used to work in your relationship doesn’t anymore.  

Believe it or not, your teen does want a relationship with you but they may be as lost about how to make that happen as you are.  I will give you all the hands on tools you need to get to where you want to be.  With almost two decades of experience working with teenagers I have the skills and the passion to work with you on how to navigate the tricky road to restoring your relationship while still setting healthy boundaries that will benefit the entire family unit.   

Benefits of In Home Coaching vs Therapy

We understand that reaching out for professional help can be overwhelming and feel vulnerable. This decision can also be challenging logistically as we often have such busy schedules. This is one reason in-home coaching may be the best option for you and your family. We go to you and meet in the comfort and convenience of your homethis saves you time from having to drive from one place to another. Perhaps more importantly is that meeting in the safety of your own home will likely help you and your family feel comfortable causing you to open up more quickly and allow you to get the help you are looking for sooner rather than later. Our sessions are 90 minutes rather than the traditional 50 minutes allowing time for everyone to share.


Teen and Parent Coach

B.A., M.A., C.P.L.C., A.C.S


Teen Coaching

It’s hard to know where to draw the line, when to take a stand and when to compromise.  You may want to reduce tension in your family and increase effective communication but may not be sure how to do that.  I can help.  It’s so important to identify and overcome the root cause of your teens troubling behaviors while understanding how to motivate, support and empower them.  

  • Develop open communication of expectations and frustrations 
  • Build cooperation not competition 
  • Create common goals 
  • Generate solutions together 
  • Establish clear steps to achieve those goals 

What People say about me

“Lisa was my last resort with my teenager. I was desperate and she came along side our family and help navigate and gave us the tools to parent our daughter when we felt hopeless. I can truly say that she was our angel and now being on the other side of the fence..she was a lifesaver. Our daughter is doing amazing. We had to make changes and work hard but we are so glad we made that call.”

Karla, Orange County