Families can experience constant arguing, broken relationships, heartache, unbearable tension and disappointment. Adult children and parents, estranged family members or families facing a crisis may need support in finding healing and moving forward.


Resolve conflict and restore relationships by gaining a deeper, more accurate understanding of each other as well as acquiring communication skills specific to your family dynamic. Together we will create a safe place to process issues and get the results you want.



Navigating the teen years is tricky. Teens often begin to fight for more freedom than they may be ready for, make bad decisions, stop participating in family activities, they lose motivation and can sometimes straight up defy rules and expectations.


Reduce frustration, learn effective communication techniques that will work for your teen and productive ways of approaching the issues at hand. We will identify the root of troubling behaviors and specific steps to address them.



You and your partner have differing expectations and parenting styles. You are inconsistent with your children. There is confusion and competition between parents. It’s a battle and you are not a parenting team.


We facilitate open communication of expectations and frustrations. Create cooperation not competition. We guide you to create common goals and generate solutions together establishing clear steps to achieve those goals.



Lack of trust and inability to communicate without conflict. You may feel alone, like you are living separate lives and have no emotional connection. There is anger and resentment from past hurts built up and you feel like you are not being heard.  


Break the cycle of unhealthy communication.  Learn to convey your thoughts, feelings and concerns in a way that your partner can really hear them without becoming defensive. Healthy communication is a skill that you can learn and regain the loving relationship you desire. 



You want to be prepared for your life together as a married couple.  You may feel unsure of how to talk about important topics and resolve conflict. You and your partner need to discuss expectations and concerns before the big day.  


I will help you prepare by giving you the tools you will need for healthy communication, conflict resolution and emotional intimacy. I will provide a place to discuss any challenging topics and bring to light anything that may have been overlooked. You will be able to share all your concerns and expectations. 

Parent and Adult Children


Being an adult child and parenting an adult child can be tricky to navigate.  It’s a whole different season than when children are young or adolescent.  It’s hard for both of you to know when and how to set boundaries.  There may be a buildup of hurt, frustration or disappointment.   


Learn new ways of communicating with one another that are effective.  Get the tools to build new relationships with a different, healthier and mutually respectful dynamic. I will provide a safe place for you all to voice your concerns and give you tools to resolve conflict, regain respect and make a way for a healthy relationship moving forward. 

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We understand that reaching out for professional help can be overwhelming and feel vulnerable.  This decision can also be challenging logistically as we often have such busy schedules. This is one reason in-home coaching may be the best option for you and your family.  We go to you and meet in the comfort and convenience of your home.  This saves you time from having to drive from one place to another.  Perhaps more importantly is that meeting in the safety of your own home will likely help you and your family feel comfortable causing you to open up more quickly and allow you to get the help you are looking for and meet your goals sooner rather than later.  Our sessions are 90 minutes rather than the traditional 50 minutes, allowing time for everyone to share.

The intentions of coaching and therapy are also different.  The coaching process is  action based and focuses mostly on the present and future instead of dwelling only on the past.  A Certified Professional Coach helps you identify your goal (a closer family, less tension and anxiety, better communication) and what steps need to be taken to make that happen.Its about results and bringing change in behaviors instead of only talking about issues. 

The process is never the same from one client to the next as each faces unique circumstances and issues.
  We help you identify the core issues and give immediate hands on tools for addressing them. As a coach, we partner with you in the process to empower you  and hold accountable all who are involved.  Its a powerful process that has changed thousands of individuals and families for the better. 



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