Get Help Navigating the Parent-Adult Child Relationship In the comfort of your Home

We meet in your home or via Zoom, an online video conference service. Whether you are the parent or the adult child, navigating relationships at this stage can be very tricky. If you’re the parent it’s hard to know how much to say, how much to share, how much advise to give and especially hard to know how much help for your adult child is too much help.  If you’re the adult child, it can be challenging to break away toward full independence and autonomy. Sometimes hurts from the past still have a grip on the relationship between parent and adult child and this causes resentment, anger, and disrespect. The good news is that none of this is irreparableDon’t lose hope. Get the tools you need to navigate this new season in your relationship.

 There is still hope for a healthy relationship. 


Parenting and Adult Children Coaching.

 I understand that the transition from teen to young adult to grown adult can be challenging. The in-home coaching process is very effective in helping create a mutually respectful and loving relationship between parent and adult child. As children go from child to teen to adult the dynamics shift and new ways of interacting need to be learned.  It can be hard to overcome communication breakdowns or past hurts. I will be there to guide the way to reconciliation, growth and togetherness.

  • Learn to communicate in a way that will resolve issues instead of perpetuate them.  
  • Get the skills you need to build a healthy foundation for moving forward in your relationship. 
  • Stop the spin cycle of conversations that go round and round instead of forward.
  • Learn how to let go of resentments. 
  • Establish a new dynamic as adult to adult vs adult to child. 
  • Discover new ways of relating to each other.


Parent and Adult Children Coach

B.A., M.A., C.P.L.C., A.S.C


We meet in your home or via Zoom, an online video conference service. This is a powerful process that has changed thousands of individuals and families for the better. We understand that reaching out for help can feel overwhelming and vulnerable. This process is uniquely tailored for each family and we are sensitive to your specific needs. 

Scheduling a session can be challenging logistically as we have such busy schedules. This is one reason in-home coaching may be the best option for your family. We go to you and meet in your homeThis saves you time. But perhaps more importantly, meeting in the safety of your own home is more comfortable allowing you to open up more quickly and get the help you are looking for to meet your goals more efficiently. Our sessions are 90 minutes rather than the traditional 50 minutes, giving everyone time to share.

The intentions of coaching and therapy are different.  The coaching process is action based and focuses mostly on the present and future instead of only on the past.  A Certified Coach helps you identify your goal (a closer family, less tension and anxiety, better communication) and what specific steps need to be taken to make that happen.  It’s about results and bringing real change.

What People say about me

“My son is in college now, and sometimes I still can’t believe the turn-around Lisa helped him achieve. Since then Lisa has been a source of support for my oldest adult daughter, who suffers from a chronic illness, and was in denial over it, hence not taking care of herself. My daughter was also struggling to find her way in life and was unmotivated while still living at home. This put a strain on our relationship. The coaching process helped turn this around. Finding Lisa was like finding an angel who set our entire family on a better path. How can you even give enough stars for that?”

Kimberly, Newport Coast