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Get Results with Effective Couples Communication

Whether you are seeking to rebuild your relationship, restore trust or to enjoy each other again, it all comes down to communication.  Relationships can cause us great joy, love and connectedness; however, they can also cause us great pain and frustration. Lack of communication is often the source of this pain and frustration. Do you want your relationship to be great but you can’t seem to communicate about what is important to you without an argument? Does it seem that your partner doesn’t hear you or understand and that even simple topics turn into disagreements? That is a hard place to be, understand your frustration. 

I can help you break the cycle of unhealthy communication. I will teach you to convey your thoughts, feelings and concerns in a way that your partner can really hear them without becoming defensive. You will learn to share what is important to you through effective communication. Healthy communication is a skill that you can learn and regain the loving relationship you desire. You will get results. 

Benefits of In Home Coaching vs Therapy

We understand that reaching out for professional help can be overwhelming and feel vulnerable. This decision can also be challenging logistically as we often have such busy schedules. This is one reason in-home coaching may be the best option for you and your family. We go to you and meet in the comfort and convenience of your homethis saves you time from having to drive from one place to another. Perhaps more importantly is that meeting in the safety of your own home will likely help you and your family feel comfortable causing you to open up more quickly and allow you to get the help you are looking for sooner rather than later. Our sessions are 90 minutes rather than the traditional 50 minutes allowing time for everyone to share.

Lisa Strong

Relationship and Communication Coach

B.A., M.A., C.P.L.C., A.C.C

  • Extensive training in relationship coaching 
  • An understanding of the communication skills you will need 
  • A commitment to seeing your relationship change and guide you through the process 
  • A passion for helping couples find peace and understanding 


Relationship and Communication Coaching

Even if you have so much tension in your home that it is hard to talk about most anything, there is still hope. I know that with new skills you will see change. I will guide you, hold you accountable and teach you the skills you need to get the results you want. 

I know that if you are willing to learn new skills then I can teach you and your partner how to talk (and listen) to each other during disagreements without them turning into arguments. You will learn to find a solution to conflict that pleases each of you. 

  • Learn to reduce tension and frustration using effective communication. 
  • Communicate with care and respect for each other. 
  • Learn skills to reestablish trust and understanding with your partner. 
  • Work in cooperation not competition and generate solutions together. 

What People say about us

“I cannot say enough in praise of Lisa’s approach. She immediately picked up on dynamic in our marriage. She has helped us with communicating difficult emotions and subjects. She helps to change unproductive/harmful thinking, attitudes and behaviors in favor of positive actions which are each small steps toward necessary change. Lisa sincerely wants to help her clients get to a better place in their lives and relationships.”

Gwen Lake Forest, CA