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Lisa Smith

In-Home Teen, Family, Parents and Adult Children Coach 

About Me, Lisa Smith

With almost 20 years of experience, a Masters degree in Counseling and completing more than 2,000 home visits, I have walked side by side with families in their darkest, most stressful seasons and then walked out of those seasons in to healing, relief and growth.  I understand that your family is unique with its own set of challenges, dynamics, complexities and history.

As the Intervention Counselor for Long Beach Unified School District I worked in the home with my students and their families to create an environment, structure and support system where all members could succeed and thrive. Together, we took families that were originally looking out only for themselves as individuals to working as a cohesive unit looking out for and supporting each other. From the beginning of my career as a teacher twenty years ago until now as a Certified Family and Teen Coach I have learned that this is what many families want. I believe it is what you want for your own family and I believe it is possible. 

Whether it’s grown siblings wanting to reconcile, adult children wanting a better relationship with their parents, blended families struggling to unite, navigating the difficult teen years or a myriad of other issues that families face, it’s my deepest desire to support you and your family unit to bring about the change and healing you’re longing for.  We will embark on the journey together, as a team, to make your family whole again and we won’t stop until that happens.




 Adult Children


  • M.S. in Counseling
  • P.P.S. Credential in Counseling
  • A.C.S. Credential in Administration Services
  • C.P.L.C. Certified Professional Life Coach



Lisa Strong

In-Home Marriage, Couples, Premarital, and Parenting Coach

About Me, Lisa Strong

I believe that your family life can be your greatest joy or it can be your greatest stress. Whether your family consists of you and one other person or many people including adults and children, you want to feel respected, loved and understood by your family members. The key is communication, respect, effort and understanding. I can help you get to that place where you will enjoy walking in your front door and being with those you call family.

Coaching couples and coaching families with young children is what I am excited about doing, they are the ones I know I can help to re-establish harmony. If communication has broken down then I can get them back on track. I am a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, with a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and I have worked with couples and young families for over 14 years. But my greatest teacher was the fact that my husband and I raised our own four children and experienced our own challenges. Those years taught me valuable lessons. I learned it is not easy and I learned compassion and understanding for the struggles that come up.

It may not be easy but I know that new skills can be learned and put into practice if you are willing to work at it. You can change the direction of your family. I will help you and your partner to feel connected and supported, your children will feel secure and cared for and your home will become a place you want to be. I am passionate about supporting you in making this happen. I want to help you restore relationships, save your family and change the direction of your life.


 Families with Young Children




  • M.A. Psychology
  • C.P.L.C. Certified Professional Life Coach